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Lalla was everything we expected, once again great food, excellent service and what a view. Try it you'll like it, lol
Tim H. via Yelp
Lobster nachos were the bomb! Fish tacos by far the best I've Had in a while! Loved the angel hair carbonara! Was told they make their pasta on site as well as their desserts. Rosemary was the best and made sure we were taken care of. Was quite a busy night and the noise level in the restaurant made it hard to hear but she was a trooper and didn't mind repeating our answers.
Deanna J. via Yelp
I am a total Lalla fan!! I enjoy dining & having drinks at Lallapalloza & Lalla Grill. I am very impressed with the esthetics & ambience at Lalla Oceanside. I've dined here 3 times & I will definitely be back. Love the glass wall overlooking the ocean. Think it's great there is another lounge bar downstairs (Along with the restrooms). There's a nice variety or mixed drinks reasonably priced. *I wasn't too keen on the "Beach Bum" (sounded like it was going to be fruity, but had a weird taste. I couldn't drink it) Everyone who works here is friendly & inviting. The food is a bit overpriced for the quality. ***Especially the Fish & Chips*** At $17.99 I was expecting a nice portion of fish, instead I got 3 tiny overly battered-super greasy piece that looked that they were "the bottom of the bucket" pieces & mostly fries. (I feel like I got ripped off with that meal). My other dining experiences were exceptional. ~ It's a nice place for casual dining & drinks. Like I said... I'll be dining here again.
E.M. L. via Yelp
Newest place on Cannery Row! It is right on the water and at night they have powerful lights such that you still can enjoy the waves and the crazy birds that keep running in & out the waves for food. The good news is that the food is great and reasonably priced. My wife & I shared the Wedge Salad with the bacon as appetizer (tasted great) and she had the pasta pommodori while I had the chicken piccatta - great tasting food. We hate to waste food, and the pasta was too much to finish but I managed to eat mine. The service was wonderful, the owners have another restaurant in Monterey and they may have gotten their star employees deployed for the opening (see picture taken by one if I can find out out to upload it). Why not 5 starts? Well, the bar experience was not that great - there were tables to close to the bar chairs so you had undesirable interactions. Anyway, my recommendation to my fellow travellers is: go try this restaurant, get a seat near the window (they have many seats but it is wirth to wait for the seat near the windiw, wait at the bar for a seat to open up, see photo). Enjoy!
Cees H. via Yelp
A welcome new addition to Cannery Row - I'm a fan of both other Lalla locations and we had an enjoyable first meal at their new spot in town. I expected some bumps as it was the first night, but we had a very good experience. Familiar menu of favorites, with more emphasis on seafood and specific regional dishes (southern, pacific rim options among others). Good, strong drinks as usual- and a nice feature is the downstairs craft cocktail bar featuring barrel-aged spirits. Really great views, hip decor and friendly service to boot- as I've come to expect from their restaurants. Slight point off for inexplicably chilling our bottle of Pinot Noir at the table, but he was learning. Check it out.
Timothy B. via Yelp
I'm so glad this addition to cannery row is finally here. The fact that I live a few blocks away made me excited for this new Lalla restaurant. I knew it'd be great. It's a beautiful restaurant with modern decor and beautiful views of the Monterey bay ocean. Definitely a place worth checking out. I enjoyed it during the daylight best when I could see the amazing views. The menu is quite similar to the other Lalla restaurants if you've ever been.... With some seafood additions..!
Elizabeth B. via Yelp
Great food! Great view! "Steak bites" all the way very comfortable seating and way the staff took care of everything. Down stairs bar is a great hideaway after dining.
Andrew J. via Facebook
Amazing food, fantastic spacious dinning area and a really cool looking modern bar. This place looks like it came from NYC but has the benefits of amazing west coast shoreline views. Strongly recommend checking this place out or using the bicycle powered delivery they have to get this amazing food delivered right to your home or hotel room.
Michael B. via Facebook